Tabs categorize content into separate views so users can easily switch between tabs to perform tasks without leaving the page.

When using tabs it is recommended:

  • Use tabs to separate information into logical sections based on functionality or use case
  • Assign a default tab based on the most important use case for the page. The sections that the tabs define function independently of each other, so do not use tabs to define a linear, ordered process
  • Tab names must be consistent—use the same part of speech for each tab, such as a noun or verb
  • Tab content can use any of the available layouts

Horizontal tabs

Horizontal tabs are fixed, content will scroll behind.

When there are too many tabs to fit in the viewport, horizontal scrolling is enabled and arrows are placed on each side of the tab bar.

Group tabs cockpit

Administration roles

Tenant detail

Check usage in the Cumulocity UI Docs.

Vertical tabs

Vertical tabs are fixed and allow scrolling for when you have a large number of tabs.

Although you can use any other layout inside tab content, consider that the available width of the page is smaller when using vertical tabs.

Device tabs Device Management

Check usage in the Cumulocity UI Docs.